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Biltong Recipes

We’re Harry and Jack, the brothers behind Ember. And as you might have guessed by now, we’re pretty passionate about biltong (not sure what biltong is? Check out our what is biltong blog) and have tons of biltong recipes we would love to share with you. We want to share top-quality, homegrown meat snacks with you - and also show you how versatile they can be in the kitchen. A bit like us, really. 

Gone are the days of biltong being beef jerky’s lesser-known cousin. In fact, we have even done a biltong vs beef jerky guide for those of you interested in the differences. If you’ve tucked into one of our meat snacks (if not, get yourself to our online shop), you’ll know that biltong - when it’s done right - is about as tasty as meat can get. We love everything from an old school, traditional biltong recipe to newer variations & dishes.

Our snacks are made with the finest cuts of meat from British and Irish cows. We use all-natural ingredients (no funny business) to make our high-grade charcuterie, while our biltong is made with protein-rich, lean strips of silverside beef, rubbed with the best herbs and spices we can get our hands on, and hung to dry. It’s not a quick process - but good things come to those who wait, right?

Now, onto what you can do with our biltong. Of course, chowing down on the whole packet in one is tempting. And we’re all for that. But we want you to know there’s also a whole lot of delicious stuff you can do with Ember biltong. We’ve been collecting a few recipes from chefs, homecooks and the woman who fuelled our childhood with hearty food - our mum. It turns out there’s more to biltong than meets the eye. Or mouth, as the case may be.

My Mums Favourite Biltong Recipe

A word from Mum on why cooking with biltong is the best: 

"Biltong is a great addition to so many recipes. It adds a lovely rich flavour and a nice protein lift. It's really easy just to chuck in a quiche or sprinkle over a salad. The Ember Chilli flavour even adds a nice kick if you want to spice up a recipe."

The deep, rich umami flavours of biltong lend themselves perfectly to a whole load of great biltong recipes, from protein-rich breakfast dishes (that’s right, biltong for breakfast) to traditional South African stews, pasta dishes and pastries. It turns out biltong is a fried egg’s best friend, and goes very nicely on top of fluffy pancakes. You can make a rich, hearty version of a chilli con carne using biltong, scatter chopped pieces onto a salad, crisp it up to go on top of soup, and - our personal favourite - use it as a crispy, meaty pizza topping. Mum’s biltong flan is one for a dinner party with friends, and our biltong recipe for scrambled eggs with creamy French beans is a hangover saviour. We’ve even got a biltong recipe for a biltong-laced scotch egg for you. Trust us, once you try it, a classic scotchy will never taste the same again. Our lean, top-quality meat has around 15g of proper protein per pack, so you can feel good about throwing it in to just about any biltong recipe you can like. It’ll add texture, salt and meaty depth to most dishes, and might just become your new cupboard essential. Think of it as bacon’s worldlier, more refined older sibling. With far less fat, far more protein and all the flavours of good, old fashioned British and Irish farms.

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