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What's the secret to Great Taste?

We know 2020 hasn’t been the best year of all time so we feel it's important to celebrate where we can. Last week we were handed not one, not two but FOUR Great Taste Awards! Our biltong scored a hat trick with all 3 flavours now having the prestigious Great Taste badge. Not only that, but our beef sticks were also awarded. 


What’s the secret to our success you ask? We’ll lay it out for you (Warning: the following article contains some showing off).

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Let’s go back to the source

If you want the best tasting meat snacks you need to start with the best quality meat. And that’s exactly what we do. High quality beef raised on British soil. 

Practice makes perfect

We’ve spent years perfecting our curing process so we can deliver you the most delicious, tender biltong around. We’ve tinkered with everything, from the amount of seasoning to the drying time to achieve the winning formula (literally).

Our Team

We can’t even begin to count up the hours our development team have spent testing new methods and flavours. They’ve put everything they’ve got into our products and we’re pretty darn proud with the result. 

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(We tried to contact the team for comment but they're currently too busy trying new flavours. Lucky things!)

And there you have it, the secret to our success. It sounds simple right? It's pretty tricky really. Trust us! 


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