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Variety Biltong Box

Can’t choose a flavour? We’ve got it sorted. Try our variety box and get all three biltong flavours.

  • 5 x Original Biltong
  • 5 x Chilli Biltong
  • 5 x Garlic and Rosemary Biltong

Our 28g packs are perfect for snacking on when hunger strikes. Whenever or wherever you are. Made with lean meat from British and Irish soil - packed with the natural protein your body deserves. Made using simple ingredients and no added sugar means it’s only got the good stuff and no unnecessary nasties. Why would it? It’s meat the way it's meant to be.

Each 28g pack has

  • More than 14g Protein
  • Less than 79kcal
  • Less than 1g sugar

What is the difference between biltong and beef jerky?

Beef jerky is a classic cooked and dehydrated meat snack, made with salt and a handful of different seasonings. All the moisture is sucked out of the meat, which means it can hang around safely on the shelves for a long time. Biltong, on the other hand, uses a mix of vinegar and deep, strong spices every step of the way, giving the meat that extra notch of flavour. It also packs a juicier punch, because it has a slightly higher amount of fat running through the meat. Beef jerky has less fat - hence why it can be drier (and tougher on the teeth). To read the full story, click here.


How long does biltong last?

When storing your biltong in a cool dry place, this will prevent it from going moldy. Freezing your biltong can make it last for a year, which is awesome. You can extend this time by simply keeping it in the fridge or by vacuum sealing it. These storage conditions will have it last for weeks or months. Biltong only starts forming molds when exposed to oxygen, therefore you need to keep it sealed until the time you want to eat it.


What is the best biltong meat?

Biltong is made from meat, this is because it is easy to get from any butcher and provides the best meat needed for the recipes. The excellent beef for quality biltong is the finest cuts from fillet, sirloin, or streaks from the hip such as silverside. Biltong is strictly made from soft beef, other parts can be used but the results are not great as it will be chewier.


Health Benefits

Biltong is one of the best snacks you can enjoy and it has many health benefits too.

High Protein

An average serving contains about 50% of your daily protein, and its night protein and low card contents makes it a super good fit for a variety of diets. The biltong is also a rich source of iron, those with iron deficiencies will benefit from this snack while enjoying it at the same time.

Low Calories

Biltong is a popular weight-reducing choice because it is low in calories, fat and is as well gluten-free.


MSG is a glutamic acid put in foods to preserve it, it is a flavour enhancer but its use remains controversial. In some countries this additive is barbed because of its reactions on people - headaches, sweating, flushing, etc.

High In Vitamins

Biltong is high in vitamin B12, which is important for healthy cells and cell production. Vitamin B12 also prevents a type of anemia called megaloblasric, this anemia makes people feel tired and weak all the time.

High In Minerals

Biltong is also a source of vital minerals such as iron, zinc, and magnesium. These minerals are very important for the body to stay healthy. The body uses these minerals for many functions in the body such as keeping the bones, muscles, heart and brain working properly.

Buy biltong on our online store today and enjoy one of the best snacks there is.


Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Sarah Gordon
The Chilli one is pretty spicy!

I wanted to buy a multipack of just the original flavour - by far the best biltong I've tried by the way - but it wasn't available, so I had to buy the variety box. At first the chilli one was very tame and I thought it would be OK, but then I got a real hit of chilli, which was actually a bit hot for me. The other flavours are fine for me, but I think I will be giving away a third of the box to friends who can handle their heat!

D , Scotland
Delicious gluten free sugar free snack

Well done, great tasting and nice choices

Graham Hopcraft
Ember variety box

Nice flavours, tender biltong! Will definitely be buying some more

Addictive Biltong

I have been buying those Variety boxes of Biltong for several months now and we are all addicted. Makes a great snack or even a nice addition to a salad in the evenings. Really good customer service too!

Andy Long
Amazing value and a great product.

Love directly you won't be disappointed.

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