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Steak Slices and cheese toast

The ultimate comfort food? Try this ever-so-slightly naughty Steak Slices and cheese on toast recipe by @thirsty_foodie.

@thirsty_foodie says “Time to take the classic cheese on toast and elevate it to new heights, using the steak slices from Ember Snacks. Absolutely glorious.”

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Cook time: 10 mins

Makes 2


  • 50g Steak Slices
  • 50-100g of cheddar
  • 4-8 slices of provolone


  1. Slice a rye sourdough loaf into thick slices and toast in oven for a couple of minutes
  2. Once toasted, butter and grate a layer of cheddar on top then add provolone slices
  3. Add a layer of Steak Slices on top of the provolone then grate another layer of cheddar on top of the Steak Slices
  4. Place the toast under the the grill for 10 mins or until cheese is nice and bubbly

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