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Our guide to eating regeneratively this #regenuary


Welcome to #regenuary 2022. To help you make the most of it, we have put together a crash course in how to eat regeneratively this month. And, what’s better, it can all be delivered straight to your door.

If you’re still a bit confused about what regenerative farming is, think of it like this:

Industrial farming, or degenerative farming, takes and destroys. It turns healthy soil to dirt and focuses on killing all but what it produces.

Sustainable farming maintains and sustains. It’s not a bad thing in itself, but if it’s sustaining something as damaging as industrial farming, it’s time to ask for better.

Regenerative farming rebuilds, restores and regenerates. Working with nature, farmers use a combination of traditional and modern farming methods to build soil health, restore damaged ecosystems and produce nutrient dense food.

Eating regeneratively can be hard and feel expensive. But, with a little know-how combined with smart low-waste cooking, you can transform your diet.

So, even if you don’t take the plunge straight away, you should still get to know these amazing regenerative brands. Whatever else is true, make a meal from this stuff and it’ll be hard to go back.



The Ethical butcher
regenuary 2022

Founders of the #regenuary movement all the way back in 2020 and a butcher of the highest calibre. They’re on a mission to reconnect us with nature and remind us that industrial meat and regenerative meat aren’t two sides of the same coin, they’re totally different currencies.

Why do we love them? In 2021, they introduced Britain’s first soy-free chicken and pork. Founder, Glen Burrows, is a fantastic source of knowledge and their Instagram is a must follow for people to get stuck into the nitty gritty of the sustainable meat debate.

Where can I buy it? www.theethicalbutcher.co.uk

Farm Wilder

Farm Wilder founders, Luke and Tim, came together in 2017 with an ambitious goal: build a food system that supports and restores wildlife. They’ve built an incredible network of dedicated and innovative farmers committed to regenerating soil health and rebuilding damaged ecosystems.

Why do we love them? For one, they supply Ember with our incredible grass-finished beef that goes into our beef charcuterie slices. Their commitment to their cause knows no bounds and, since they started, exceptionally rare wildlife has begun to crop up all over their farms.

Where can I buy it? www.farmwilder.co.uk




If you’re here, you may well already know who we are. But if you don't, Ember are a British charcuterie and biltong company who source their meat from suppliers who work to restore nature, not destroy it.

Why do we love them? We source our meat from farmers and suppliers who champion regenerative, ethical and organic methods, alongside those who source our venison from the wild. This all supports native wildlife and builds healthy ecosystems across Britain.

Where can I buy it? In selected Sainsbury’s across the UK or at www.embersnacks.com





Dorset Dairy Co.

Masterminds behind the operation, Dan and Alex, rear their 140-strong head Holstein Friesian cows in harmony with nature. They use traditional methods to produce delicious and unique products, like strained yoghurt and cultured cream.

cows dairy milk

Why do we love them? Dairy products, like meat, are one of those things where you can really taste good sourcing. With inhumane industrial dairy farming an undeniably damaging industry, it’s so important for people like Dan and Alex to lead the way into a better future.

Where can I buy it? All over the place, but most easily at www.thedorsetdairyco.com

Yeo Valley

Yeo Valley doesn't need any introduction. A juggernaut of a dairy company who shows that, with the right values and commitment, it’s possible to deliver regeneratively farmed food at scale. They’re an inspiration to those of us who know a better future is possible, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Why do we love them? They may not be the absolute benchmark of regenerative farming, but they are certainly one of the biggest to do it. They’ve been ahead of the curve for some time, bringing Soil Association certified products en masse to kitchens across the UK for decades.

Where can I buy it? In almost every food shop in the country.




The word pioneer is thrown around a lot in innovative spaces, but Natoora is the real deal. They call their approach ‘radical seasonality’ and it’s rooted in the idea of working with farmers who work with natural cycles, delivering the freshest and most delicious produce you can buy.

Natoora vegetables

Why do we love them? We’re massive fans of Natoora at Ember. They bring a whole new meaning to transparency and were the first ones to tell farmer stories in unique and compelling ways. We’d recommend jumping on their Instagram ASAP.

Where can I buy it? They’re actually stocked at Whole Food and have a few of their own stores, but you can get them delivered here: https://home-delivery.uk.natoora.com/what-we-do.

Better Food Traders

Bit of a different one as they’re more of a network than a retailer themselves, but the network they have built connects food box schemes with people looking to change up how they eat. If you’re looking to live the ‘eat local’ life, look no further.

Why do we love them? The UK is full of sensational produce. We might not have the climate of our Mediterranean cousins, but we have fantastic soil and lots of rain. Better Food Traders exist to get us connected with this amazing produce. If nothing else, it tastes so much better.

Where can I buy it? www.betterfoodtraders.org

Soil Association

The Soil Association is arguably the most important organisation in the world of sustainable agriculture in the UK. It’s definitely a stretch to them a producer, but they have produced a fantastic directory of veg boxes and food schemes to connect you with better produce today.

Why do we love them? Although not strictly regenerative, as an organisation these guys have really pushed forward a genuinely sustainable agenda based on requirements and certifications. Their directory of food boxes echoes this, and we think it’s great.

Where can I buy it? Click here (because the URL is really long!).



Bold Bean co
Founder and one woman band, Amelia, started Bold Bean Co. with a mission: To make you obsessed with beans, a tough ask if they weren’t so delicious. The Organico range is bang on the money when it comes to restoring our damaged ecosystems too.

Why do we love them? Beans are a family of plants called legume. Legumes are great at pulling harmful carbon out of the atmosphere and locking it away in the soil. They’re ancient and essential parts of most healthy ecosystems, and these ones taste banging.

Where can I buy it? www.boldbeanco.com


Purveyors of fantastic and unique pulses from all British farms. They started with fava beans and moved on to all sorts of fantastically nutritious products. Their smoked British quinoa is simply fantastic and should be tried ASAP.

Why do we love them? Josiah, Nick and William started Hodmedods to get ancient British grains back onto peoples plates. They’re a fantastic addition to all sorts of meals, as well as being one of the genuinely climate positive foods we can, and should, be eating.

Where can I buy it? www.hodmedods.co.uk


Brainchild of George Lamb and Andy Cato, one half of Groove Armada, this relatively young company farms 800 acres in Oxfordshire with absolutely minimal interventions. If you want to taste the result, look no further than Jolene Bakery or The Spence. Best bread in London.

Why do we love them? The guys at WildFarmed are making waves in regenerative agriculture, building a movement with some great calls to action. We’ll leave them to explain just why they do what they do, just think through to their brand video here.

Where can I buy it? This ones the hardest to source on our list, but their sourcing makes it one of the most worth it. Ask them really nicely here >>> www.wildfarmed.co.uk



Pesky Fish
Pesky fish

Although good fishing and regenerative farming aren’t really the same category, no list felt complete without a great fish supplier on it. Day boat fish landed across the country and on your plate in 48hrs. You can’t get fresher or more sustainable from any online fish monger.

Why do we love them? Their online daily market runs Mon-Thurs. A spectacular selection of fish caught by fishermen who work with the seasons (yep, fish have seasons) come and go in minutes. It’s hands down the best seafood you’ll eat without catching it yourself.

Where can I buy it? www.peskyfish.co.uk


But this is only our favourite selection. There are loads of amazing people doing amazing things in the regenerative food movement. Farms To Feed Us have made a comprehensive guide for you all to use on your regenerative journey.

If you fancy a regenerative fix right now, hit this link and get yourself a free pack of Ember today. Free, delicious and regenerative. Where do you sign? Back on that link we just posted.

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