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What's wrong with normal biltong?

Look, we love biltong as much as the next person. It’s delicious, filling and don’t even get us started on those unbelievable protein values. But on our quest to make the best tasting biltong we discovered something revolutionary: you cannot make the best tasting biltong without using the highest welfare, best quality meat. Fact.

So we did some digging - a lot of digging actually - and once we had all the information it was clear that organic was the way to go. But we didn’t stop there. We wanted the organic farms we sourced from to be the best of the best so we teamed up with our friends at Farm Wilder who work with farmers dedicated to restoring soil health and farming regeneratively. 

Don’t get us wrong, we’ve been sourcing high quality beef for our biltong from day one. It’s always been British & Irish reared with some of the highest farming standards in the world. But we think it's time for a change. So without further ado we’d like to introduce you to our new Wilder Biltong.


Our Wilder Biltong


Better sourcing for exceptional quality

Every single one of our products is sourced from British & Irish meat but we don't think that is enough. We want you to eat the best tasting biltong out there which means only using high welfare, 100% organic and grass-fed British beef. 

It's simple maths really: higher welfare + sustainable farming = higher quality meat = better taste (ok it's not actual maths but you get what we mean).

What is a little less simple is finding the right farms to source our beef from. To keep our standards as high as possible we source our Wilder biltong from only a handful of farmers who are dedicated to farming regeneratively, rebuilding soil health and restoring wildlife. 


Different method, same great taste

This is biltong but not as you know it. If you're a biltong fanatic you may notice that there's something a little different about this one - our wilder biltong is made using a blend of multiple cuts of beef instead of using whole silverside cuts. This allows us to keep the supply chain small and the meat organic. But don't worry we've made sure to not compromise on taste. It’s a win - win.


Ember Biltong... but better

Delicious biltong that's better for you and for the planet? We’ve made it possible. Our Wilder biltong, like all our products, are packed with the natural protein your body deserves. Each 50g serving has 26g of Protein, 135 calories, and absolutely 0g of sugar. We also know that higher welfare animals produce more nutritious foods which we explain more in this article.

So there you have it, our Wilder biltong. 100% grass-fed British beef from organic and regenerative farms that rebuild soil health and encourage wildlife. Biltong that tastes incredible and makes you feel good about your impact on the planet too. This is meat, the way it’s meant to be.

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