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37g Charcuterie Venison
37g Charcuterie Venison
37g Charcuterie Venison
37g Charcuterie Venison
37g Charcuterie Venison
37g Charcuterie Venison
37g Charcuterie Venison
37g Charcuterie Venison
37g Charcuterie Venison
37g Charcuterie Venison

37g Charcuterie Venison

from £2.00

Sustainable British salami-style venison slices with delicious wagyu flavour.

High in protein, low in calories.

British quinoa to replace the bad fats.

Wild British venison from sustainable sources.

Guilt-free lunch box filler.

Great Taste winner 2021.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great Product.

Found this in my local supermarket the other day. Tasted great so bought a few more today along with the other flavours.

Ben Jordan
Amazing venison

I’ve had venison many times but this experience stood out. Delicious, succulent and moorish. I love that they use quinoa to reduce the fat content. I will definitely be buying more. Can’t wait to try the Biltong.

David North
It has been a business doing pleasure with you!!

Your email reply yesterday, telling me that my order had been sent from your your store 14 days ago,(i.e. 3rd August), finally arrived on my doorstep today, 18th Aug) in good condition. I immediately opened each package and put the contents into my fridge, as instructed, having removed one pack to devour instantly. Which I did!
It was delicious. One small observation, bits of Wagyu Fat got stuck in my teeth!
I have already given a pack to a friend to try and am looking forward to enjoying the entire consignment, of course, together with friends.
P.S. The remaining stock fitted beautifully into the vegetable drawer in my fridge!

Eddie Le Blanc
Wild Venison

10/10, Love the wild Venison, the Look, the smell, the Texture & Taste, not overly “Game” tasting, just right, could easily munch several bags throughout the Day, Low in calories and near zero Carbs, perfect if you follow a Low Carb/ Keto or Carnivore way of Eating. Can already imagine combining it with other ingredients to produce a light Summer salad- let’s indulge- wild Venison combined with chopped Lettuce, sliced salad Tomatoes, Hard Boiled Eggs, cheese coleslaw from M&*, small handful of broken up walnuts, maybe a little pomegranate seeds and some Clementine orange segments, A little imagination is all that’s Required. Anyway just ordered two Boxes online as this will be a Regular part of my way of Eating. Well Done on producing a great product.

Where Has This Been All My Life!

I came across the Venison charcuterie in my local shop, and not only is it very reasonably priced, it tastes absolutely amazing! My whole family loved it and can't wait to make a very large order. As I also subscribe to Slimming World, this is a perfect snack item as well as meal ingredient.

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