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1KG Wilder Biltong

Delicious biltong that's also better for the planet? Sign us up!

Our wilder biltong is made using 100% British beef from organic and regenerative grass-fed farms. The result? Biltong that tastes incredible, sourced from farms that rebuild soil health and encourage wildlife. This is meat, the way it’s meant to be.

Each 50g serving has

  • 26g Protein
  • 135 kcal
  • 0g sugar

Comes in resealable bags for freshness.

Is this Biltong Organic?

Our Biltong is made using 100% organic certified, grass-fed British beef from only a handful of local farms.


What does organic mean?

Meat that is certified organic means the animals have grazed on natural pastures and roamed free between outdoor and indoor shelters. There’s no chemicals, pesticides or growth hormones used. To know more about organic and free-range meat, read our blog about 5 Questions to ask when buying meat.


Is your biltong made in the UK?

Absolutely! All our products are made and sourced locally in the UK.


Is your wilder biltong still high in protein?

Of course - all our products are packed with the natural protein your body deserves. Each 50g portion has 26g of protein to be precise.


Does it taste the same as your original biltong?

Taste is without a doubt the most important thing to us so we’ve worked hard to keep the taste as similar to our original biltong as possible. Although you biltong experts out there may notice a difference in taste we think our biltong from organic farms tastes even better. After all better quality meat = better taste. Either way we’d love your feedback - just send us an email to hello@embersnacks day or night.


Why does your wilder biltong look different to your normal biltong?

If you're a biltong fanatic you may notice that there's something a little different about this one - instead of using whole silverside cuts we use a blend of multiple cuts of beef. This allows us to keep the supply chain small and the meat organic. But don't worry we've made sure to not compromise on taste.


Customer Reviews

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Not what I expected

I must have misread what was being sold. I assumed the beef would be the same as in the multipack but a larger bag of all one flavour: original.

However I discovered it is not the same, it would be great if I could speak to a customer service member actually if possible?

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