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#regenerateyourplate to win A Year's Supply of Ember 🍽🌎

First thing you should remember is that VERY FEW PEOPLE EVER ACTUALLY DO THESE COMPETITIONS, so your chances to win are already pretttty good.
To enter, just snap your Ember in your best pose. It could be in a pasta, a
panettone or even just straight from the pack.
Then just share your best effort to Instagram. You’ll need to tag @embersnacks and #regenerateyourplate to enter.
Remember, it’s #REGENUARY so the more planet friendly you can make it the better 🌎🌿🐄
⬇️ The rules are down there ⬇️
No limits on entries, you just need to share them to your Insta stories for each one.
Deadline for entries: 31st Jan. 📅
In order to win, you must live within mainland UK.
You will only be contacted through Instagram by @embersnacks. We’ll only ask
for a delivery address and NEVER for any form of bank details.

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