Hand Crafted Biltong



We crafted our biltong to provide a savoury snack where great-tasting quality beef was the #1 ingredient.


The meat

Working with a natural product, such as beef, can be tricky. It requires a skilled eye to ensure that quality and consistency are achieved every day. We hand-check each silverside and trim off any imperfections. Our meat is directly sourced from traditional farms and we only ever use the best quality cuts of British and Irish silverside beef.

The flavour

Being huge foodies, we pride ourselves on our biltong’s fabulous flavour. We’ve been playing around in our kitchen blending herbs and spices, developing many rubs, marinades and testing out recipes on our family and friends (some successful, some not).

The texture

It is safe to say that no one enjoys a tough piece of beef. To achieve the softest and juiciest of textures, we purposefully kept the art of making Ember biltong extremely manual. By giving the meat a good rub and slicing it to a specific thickness, the bold, beefy flavour is enhanced and tenderness is noticeable in every bite.