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The Eat Wilder Range

Natural protein, sustainably sourced

Here’s a question: when did we stop caring where our meat was actually coming from? We put restoring biodiversity on farms first - with no nutrients destroyed, no cooped-up animals and no unnecessary carbon emissions.

Our Eat Wilder range is made using British beef and pork from high welfare farms and wild British venison. The result? Snacks that taste incredible, sourced from farms and trusts that rebuild soil health and encourage wildlife. There’s even a bit of quinoa in there to replace the bad fats.

This is meat, the way it’s meant to be.

Ember founders Harry and Jack went to visit one of our suppliers farms, Jonny Rider in Devizes. Check out what he is doing to farm more sustainably.


Our new Eat Wilder range is now available in select Sainsburys stores and on our website.

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