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Chilli Biltong - 1kg

Our bulk bags are for those who just can’t get enough biltong, they contain high quality, great tasting biltong steak, made from British and Irish beef. Our South African inspired snack is naturally high in protein, gluten free, low calorie, low carb and completely free of added sugars. The perfect snack to fuel your day.

Customer Reviews

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Lovely billie and even 500g bag stays fresh for weeks in the fridge with a food clip. Thanks Ember Bros.

Definitely Worth A Try

I have only tried one other brand prior to this and it was The Biltong Man, therefore please bear in mind that this is just my personal opinion as I draw comparisons between the two brands. The Biltong Man's brand is a harder darker product which is nice, however I personally prefer the slightly lighter redder and softer product from Ember which I do believe is more finely cut and holds a more subtle flavour. Don't get me wrong, I find no fault in the other brand, however, as both products are possibly heated and dried, I do surmise that the redder softer is possibly fresher. When I say softer, I mean its texture and hardness is almost between that of The Biltong Man biltong and the Wildwest beef jerky perhaps due to the finer cuts which I thoroughly enjoyed. Although not British, I have lived in the UK for most of my life and I must admit I have bought into the whole British and Irish beef preference, so this is an advantage in my opinion as well. If memory serves me correctly, the Ember bags are easier to reseal which makes it easier for snacking for somebody like myself.
Now then, comparisons aside, if you do decide to give the Ember Chili Beef biltong a try then remember to give the bag a shake as the spices that really add the extra flavour to this biltong have a tendency to settle on the bottom of the bag otherwise.
I hope my review has helped to provide a deeper insight into the product and supported the company by doing so, Ember has something very good going here, please keep it up.

Amazing Quailty

V.Tasty, amazing quality and not smothered in trans fats like others I've brands.

Recommended to all my work colleagues. Chilli is by far the best.

Great quality and taste, would buy again

High quality and high protein, great to snack on when id otherwise snack on fatty and unhealthy foods.

Fantastic! Tasty and fresh!

Loved it! Will order again!