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Chilli Biltong - 500g

Our bulk bags are for those who just can’t get enough biltong, they contain high quality, great tasting biltong steak, made from ethically sourced British and Irish beef. Our South African inspired snack is naturally high in protein, gluten free, low calorie, low carb and completely free of added sugars. The perfect snack to fuel your day.

Customer Reviews

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High quality and very tasty

Love these and think the bags are good value for money the only downside is the limited flavours available

pretty good

Iv'e ordered two bags of this so far and both have been very consistent, the meat is dry and not at all greasy to the touch which is a major plus for me as i snack while at a computer, in terms of texture it starts off a bit tough as you would expect but very quickly softens up and has a great flavour, the only downside here for me was that i found a gristly bit, but i only found the one out of a combined 1KG of meat so I'm not really bothered by it.
As for flavour the chilli flavouring comes in the form of dried chilli flakes, personally i like this as it is natural and doesn't leave powder residue everywhere but there are a couple of downsides, the spiciness can vary from bit to bit and also the flakes tend to settle towards the bottom of the pack so the end 'crumbs' are very spicy compared to the rest, apart from that the flavour is pretty much the standard salty/beefy flavour with a hint of vinegar you would expect from biltong.
The packs are not resealable but i found folding the top and using a clip worked providing you keep it in the fridge.
Overall i very much enjoyed the product.


Tastes great (I have the chilli and it's the perfect amount of heat for me) comes in a resealable and the delivery was quick. Will be buying again.

Large Bag

Love Ember biltong, great to be able to purchase a large bag and a great price.


Not sure why people in other reviews are complaining about the fat. This is biltong! Proper biltong! Great flavour and lovely portion of fat. Did a 40km hike and only ate this. Finished the rest of it the following week as a snack. Cant fault it